Grow Studies

Grow in Christ as you learn with others through North Pointe’s Grow Studies

"Lifechange happens best in relationships."

  At North Pointe, we want everyone to continually develop three elements (Grow, Connect, and Serve) in their life. Growth in the Christian life is paramount. We believe growth happens best in relationships, not in isolation. We have developed our “Grow Studies” to be watched and discuss with others.

  1. Decide who you want to do a study with. Ask two or more people in close relational proximity with you (this might be a spouse, roommate, co-worker, friend, or neighbor) to join you for a 3-4 week study.
  2. Decide where you want to do this study. Maybe it's at your house, coffee shop, online, or a hybrid version of those options.
  3. Pick one of North Pointe's online "Grow Studies" led by Andy MacFarlane. These studies are free and come with discussion guides to do with your group. The studies can be watched or listened to from a phone, computer, or tv; anywhere you have internet.
  4. After you complete a study, decide if you want to continue with another study, or start a new group.

If you are new to North Pointe, reach out to our staff and we will see if there is a group available to jump in with.