When The Storms Hit

Sermon Devotional | August 11, 2019

Hello North Pointe Family,

Imagine being above the tree line on a mountain, when a storm rolls in. You don't have time to get down the mountain. What would you do? Since you don't have shelter, you'd get down, put your hands over your head and hope and pray that you don't get hit by lightning or flying debris. Many times, that's how we feel in the storms of life. We're exposed and endangered. And we're hoping and praying we survive. Do we have any shelter in the storms of life?

Sunday, in Genesis 32 and 33, we looked at Jacob who was heading home to a brother who wanted to kill him. Twenty years earlier, Jacob had swindled this brother out of a treasured experience. But God proved to be the shelter that Jacob was missing.  

What storms loom in your life? More importantly, where will you find shelter? Would you read Genesis 32-33 with this simple prayer: God, I am asking that You be my shelter in this storm.

Andy MacFarlane