When We Want Justice

Sermon Devotional | August 18, 2019

Hello North Pointe Family,

After the shootings in Dayton and El Paso and reports of human trafficking by Jeffrey Epstein, we can wonder, "How long has this kind of disregard for human life been going on?" Sadly, this tragic behavior dates back to the beginning of time when humanity decided to reject God. Rejecting God gives us license to do whatever we want. This past Sunday, in Genesis 34, we read the account of a sexual assault. Sadly, the victim's father responded with passivity, while the victim’s brothers responded with revenge. Neither were good responses. Neither brought justice. In looking for a right response, we look to Jesus. At His crucifixion, He walked into gross injustice. Yet He was neither passive (Hebrews 12:2) nor vengeful (23:34). Though He walked in an unjust world, Jesus was committed to justice. Hundreds of years before Jesus’ birth, Isaiah wrote these words about Jesus. They are recorded in Isaiah 42:1-4   

“Behold, My Servant, whom I uphold;

My chosen one in whom My soul delights.

I have put My Spirit upon Him;

He will bring forth justice to the nations.

“He will not cry out or raise His voice,

Nor make His voice heard in the street (no yelling).

“A bruised reed He will not break

And a dimly burning wick He will not extinguish (no violence);

He will faithfully bring forth justice.

“He will not be disheartened or crushed

Until He has established justice in the earth;

And the coastlands will wait expectantly for His law.”

Notice that Jesus didn’t resort to yelling or violence to bring about justice, but He will bring justice on the earth. As we seek to live out Jesus’ commitment to justice, let's seek Him with this request, "Jesus, since you promise to bring justice, show me how to work for justice in my sphere of influence. What should I say? What should I do? Use me to right wrongs in God honoring ways."  

Andy MacFarlane