Spiritual Skills Overview

Roadmap for sharpening your spiritual skills to grow in Christ.



a. Description:  

• Following a devotional or Bible reading plan to learn about God, God’s Word, and/or God’s work in the world

b. Purpose:  

• To understand the world God has called us to live in 

• To develop and sharpen the mind  

• To “let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly”  

• To abide in Christ and “delight yourself in the Lord”

• To learn to be aware of the heart, as well as the mind, in God’s presence  

c. Practices: 

• Take the "Methods" or "Theology 101"or "2:7 Series" Skills Classes 

• Learn and practice methods of studying the Bible 

• Scripture memorization 

• Prayer walks 

• Journaling 


a. Definition:  

• Communication with and listening to God; formal or informal, planned or spontaneous 

b. Purpose:  

• To develop a deepening relationship with the Lord in which we have growing freedom to hear His voice, to know His heart for the world, and to share our lives with Him, as we ask for what we need to fulfill His purposes

c. Practices: 

• Take the "2:7 Series" or "How To Pray" Skills Class

• Moments in the morning or evening turning off distractions to be in silence to be with God

• Intercession, confession, self-examination, and private worship

• Prayer for others praying with others for healing, forgiveness, salvation, deliverance 

• Intentional moments turning off distractions to be in silence to be with God


a. Definition:  

• Right theology that practically changes how you live your life and make decisions

b. Purpose: 

• To develop Christians who make decisions in life from solid practical theology

c. Practices: 

• Take the "Theology 101" Skills Class

• Deep dive in Bible reading methods to understand basic and complex Christian theology

• Learn Biblical theology and then live practically out of that theological foundation


a. Definition:  

• A group of believers committed to mutual support, spiritual growth, and Biblical community

b. Purpose: 

• To live as a member of the Body of Christ, growing in faith, and sacrificial love 

c. Practices: 

• Join a Small Group or start with learning about our community in the "Explorer's Class"

• Developing and investing in a Christian community that know and love you 

• Healthy church involvement where you receive teaching, care and serve through your gifts 


a. Definition:  

• Developing a rhythm to your life that has purpose, pace, and boundaries within seasons of life

b. Purpose:  

• To develop life-giving rhythms so we can love God and others fully

c. Practices: 

• Take the "Habits" or "Rhythms Of The Family" Skills Class

• Boundaries with digital content and screens

• Sabbath – 24-hour day with the Lord in worship, rest, and celebration with others 

• Physical health – rhythms of exercise, sleep, and play  

• Work Rhythm – a commitment to a leading well at home and work


a. Definition:  

• Living life with intentionality and purpose to reach out to those who don’t have a relationship with Jesus

b. Purpose: 

• To develop a kingdom-minded life by putting ourselves in situations where we meet those who don’t know the Good News and share our story with them

c. Practices: 

• Take the "2:7 Series" or "Missional Living" Skills Class

• Intentionally getting to know neighbors and co-workers

• Serving at church or in the community

• Going on short or long-term missions trips

• Supporting mission opportunities