Europe + Northern Africa

We offer annual trips to Northern Africa and Europe


North Pointe is excited to partner with our missionaries in France who are working on a media project impacting Europe and Northern Africa. This November 2019, we will bring a team to partner with them and their work as they will be on location in Spain. This will be a unique mission trip getting to partner with missionaries we current support, encourage them and work alongside them and their ministry partners in various ways.  

We will be involved in getting equipment, props, costumes, and people to the shoot location. We will work with hair, makeup, and costumes as well as help with setting up set dressing and non-film equipment. We will spend many hours praying for and helping assist our missionaries during the shoot days as well as getting to live life with them off site during this 10 day trip.

This mission trip is designed with one common goal in mind, to help, encourage and support our missionaries in their ongoing missions work. North Pointe is excited to grow this partnership Europe and you can be apart of supporting this trip and ongoing partnership today!

Missionary Partnerships